A good write-up on the Groypers

An excerpt from Pedro Gonzalez’s piece in Crisis Magazine titled “Kids in Defense of the Culture”:

So, who are the groypers? “They are mostly young Christians who care about the country and feel like the conservative establishment is not supporting policies that put America first,” says Jaden McNeil. Mr. McNeil is the former president of the Kansas State University chapter of Turning Point, USA. McNeil recently resigned from TPUSA after he and his colleagues concluded that the organization does not represent their values.

“I think Conservatism, Inc is terrified,” McNeil told me, “and I don’t see this slowing down until they stop selling out for donors at the expense of the American people.” He sees the movement “shaking up conservative politics” across the country for the foreseeable future. Indeed, the reach of groypers extends far beyond the campus quad.

Whatever can be said of their flaws, groypers ought to give us hope for a more authentic politics. These kids see through the paper tigers on the Fox News circuit and are thoroughly dissatisfied with the fair-weather conservatism that dominates the mainstream. Yes, there are trolls and cranks, but which movement doesn’t have a few? Their humor is offensive precisely because they are reacting to stifling political correctness. When a person can be “cancelled” at any moment, gallows humor that borders on the excessive is an understandable—or, at any rate, unsurprising—reaction.

More importantly, they are passionate about ethical and moral questions, well-read on the issues, and intellectually curious. They recognize that a spiritually void, metapolitically incorrect movement is worthless: it stands on nothing, so it can stand for nothing. They have chosen to be guided by a Christianity hammered free of the dross of the modern world. In an age of compromise and petty principles, groypers have chosen to stand for something, armed with little more than digital slingshots. That alone is reason enough to hear them out.

Do read the entire thing here. Their rise has been incredible. Hopefully come 2020 the energy can be channeled to make Trumpslide 2.0 happen while still pushing the envelope on the issues that matter most.

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